Tinsley Family
Jamestown and Beyond

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Joe Downing and I, each researching our own lines of the Tinsley family, each frequently finding conflicting data, came to the conclusion that there was a need to straighten out these contradictory accounts. We have based our reseach as much as possible on exisiting records, using logic where we failed to find records. The object of this page is to present our findings. Thanks go out to all who have contributed to our efforts. 

Angela Feenerty, Joe Downing

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Databases and research on individuals

Thomas the Progenitor

The Allied families of Amherst Co., VA. 

The Family of Edward Tinsley 
with the families of Rucker, Pendleton, Harrison, McDaniel and Lee

Tinsley of Tinsley

The United Kingdom Tinsleys

The Confusion of Williams

The Thomases Tinsley

Seth Tinsley


Sites with Data on the Tinsleys and Allied Families

Kemper Co. Gen Web


Tinsleys of VA & WVA


by Brian Pendleton


Traces of the Past


The Doggett Family

Harrison Genealogy Repository

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