Tinsley of Tinsley

The United Kingdom Tinsleys

The family of Tinsley, Tineslawe, Tinslow or Tynslow is very ancient. The arms - a chevron between three wolves (or foxes) heads, erased gules - have been borne by the family for many generations.

The village of Tinsley is two miles from Rotherham, Yorkshire. King William the Conqueror (1066-87) gave the Manor of Tinsley to Roger de Busli, and it became a dependence of his castle in Tickhill, Yorkshire. In the twelth century, the Manor was held by Henry de Tinsley, who had to visit Tickhill castle every Michaelmas, bringing a pair of white gloves, and receiving a hawk in return. The Tinsley family held the Manor till about the middle of the eighteenth century.

A female of the direct line having married a member of the Wentworth family, the estates passed to the Wentworths, who thenceforward, quartered arms with the Tinsleys. Their descendants, the Wentworth-Fitzwilliams, into whose possession the estate passed, continue to bear the quartered arms to this day.

The other branch of the family, whom, it appears had no legal claim upon the estate, continued to live at Tinsley until the late eighteenth century. The Manor and estate having passed to the Wentworths, and the elder male member of the Tinsleys having married a second wife, led to general dispersion of the children of the first marriage.

In the late eighteenth century Henry Cole Tinsley moved to Holbeach, Lincolnshire. Another member went to America, of whom all trace has been lost. Henry Cole Tinsley became a landowner and farmer and lived in Holbeach on an estate which he acquired, until the time of his death. Various branches of the Tinsley family live and/or own land in the Holbeach area today.

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