Tinsley info in Georgia

Baker Co: *********** formed 1825 from Early

1830 Census: p20--Susannah Tinsley fem=1001001 (40-50)

1832, May--Sheriff sale--in Bainbridge on lot of Green Tinsley (Baldwin Co. paper)

1832 --Sheriff sale--Decatur, to satisfy Green Tinsley (Baldwin Co. paper)

1833, 24Jan----Green Tinsley, ltrs of admin est. Patrick Sessions

1833, Jun----Superior Court grand jury--Green Tinsley #6081

1840 census:

p29--Green Tinsley 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 2m 20-30---1f -5, 1f 40-50. #6081

p28--Susan Tinsley 1m 20-30---1f 50-60. #6079

p28--Thomas Tinsley 1m 15-20, 1m 30-40----1f 40-50 #6080

1845-Tax digest-Charles & Green Tinsley

1846 &1849--Green Tinsley on jury.

1851--unclaimed ltr for Green Tinsley, Albany, Baker Co, GA.

1860 census, p96--W.J. Tinsley 23-GA, M.A. 20f-AL.

Baldwin Co: ************ 1803 original co.

1820 Census: Samuel Tinsley

1821, Apr/May--Capt. Amos Youngs Battery---Thomas Tinsley

1841, 29Nov--died--John B Tinsley; parents Wm & Sarah Tinsley. #5162

1850, Jun--died--Charles B. Tinsley, age 3mo.

1819-1864--GA Wills--Wm. B. Tinsley #5162


1818, 08Nov--Annie Tinsley m. Seaton Grantland #50

1835, 02Mar--William B. Tinsley m. Sarah G. King #5162

1850, 23Dec--Lucy A. Tinsley m. Laurence M. Reese of AL, dau of Wm B. Tinsley, State Treasurer,

marriage also shown in Jasper Co.

1853, 06Oct--Howard Tinsley m. Ann Eliza Carnes (m. in Bibb Co) #5163

1864, 03May--Sarah A. Tinsley m. Augustus Merritt of Griffin. Dau of Wm. B. Tinsley, #5162

1883---Fleming D. Tinsley m. Mattie Ruan, couple will live in Selma,AL see#5162

Baldwin Co. newspapers:

1826, 03Jan--legal notice to authorize Susan Tinsley to establish ferry on Flint R.

1830, 1Jul--Monticello, GA--ltrs at PO--Wm B. Tinsley

1832, 1Jul--DeKalb Co--ltrs at PO--Larkin Tinsley

1861, 30Apr--Roll of Baldwin Blues--W.D. Tinsley

1862--ref soldiers of GA regts who died around Richmond,VA. Wm. Tinsley

1862, 14Oct--44th Regt at battle of Sharpsburg,MD, A.B. Tinsley of Co G, wounded., this is Asa B. of Fayette Co.

1863--Roll of Baldwin Co. Minute Men--Pvt T.D. Tinsley

1865, 09May--at Appomatox, W.D. Tinsley of 4th GA Regt, Co H, Brigade Q, M. Dept.

1867 & 68--Howard Tinsley served on grand jury. #5163

1869--ref Col. Howard Tinsley of Baltimore.

1878, 5Nov--Mrs. Sarah Davies Tinsley of Macon died Sat. buried city cemetery. w/o#5162

1881, James Tinsley of Savannah visited, brother Leroy Tinsley. ch of Howard Tinsley

1882, 16Jan--Lucy Tinsley, 2nd dau. of Howard & Annie Tinsley, died.

1884, June--ref Mary Tinsley Sewell of Baltimore, visiting, husband is Charles. #5174

1884, 9Sep--Capt. Howard Tinsley died Sunday, married Mary Tinsley 2 yrs. ago #5163

1886, --Mary Greenhow of VA. Visiting Howard Tinsley see#975

1887---ref Ann Eliza Carnes, wife of Capt. Howard Tinsley

1850 census: p98--Wm B Tinsley 43-VA (treasurer of GA), Sarah 34-GA, Howard 20-GA, W.D. 14m, Addison 12, Sarah 10, Mary W 6, Theodosius 4m, Fleming 2, Rebecca 3/12. #5162 (see 1860-Chatham Co.)

1860 census:--p145-Howard Tinsley 30-GA, Annie E. 24-GA, Mary G. 5, Lucy J. 4, #5163

Edward W. 1, Eliza J Carnes 58-GA, Davis Tinsley 24-GA.

1880 Census:

p156c--Howard Tinsley 50-GA, Annie 46-GA, Mary Compton 26,dau; Lucy Tinsley 24,dau; James 17;

Leroy 13, Howard 4-GA; Eliza Carnes 79-GA, mothinlaw;

Bibb Co:

1854, 16Feb--Will --Ann Wiley, grdau Ann Eliza Tinsley

1858, 15Mar--Will-- Elijah Stevens, wit: James Tinsley

1859, 09Apr--Wm Lockett estate: ref James W. Tinsley.

1869, 11Feb--Addison R. Tinsley m. Anna Ross

1870, Dec--A.R. Tinsley, Macon councilman.

1875, 15Jan/Jun--James Tinsley died, born 25Dec1802 in Richmond Co,GA.

1870 Census:

p862--Sarah G. Tinsley 53-GA, William D. 34-GA, Addison R. 31, Anna R. 25, wife, Mary 24, Theodosius 26, Fleming 21, Rebecca 19, Fanny 16, Kate 14. (see 1860 Chatham Co.) w/o #5162

1880 Census:

p268b--Addison R. Tinsley 42-GA, Ruth 8-GA,dau; Mary 35-GA, sister; Fannie 25-GA, sister;

p268b--Theodocius D. Tinsley 32-GA, Emma 30-GA, Willie 7f, Wm. B. 5m, Theodocia 3f, Nesbett 2m;

Butts Co:

1860 Census:

p11--Andrew J. Tinsley 26-GA, Theo F.(Phillips) 26f-GA, James E. 1-GA. #2050 (see Monroe Co-1850)

1880 Census:

p352d--Elijah T. Tinsley 17-GA, nephew in Benj. 29-GA & Emma 27-GA,Watkins hhd.

1860, 02Aug--Elias C. Tinsley m. Sarah Eliz Darden (see Richmond Co-1850/60)

Calhoun Co:

1870 census: p627-- Thos J. Tinsley 22-GA, black

1880 census:

p407a--Thomas J. Tinsley 34-GA, Ella T., 24-GA, wife; Truman 4-GA, Eujean 1f-GA,

Stephen M. Tinsley 29-GA, brother;

Carroll Co:

1827 land lottery--Green Tinsley

Old Cass-now Bartow Co: **********

1844, 8Oct--Deed--Samuel Tinsley of Chambers Co,AL to M.W. Ford, Heard Co,GA

1854, 19Sep--Bartow Co--James W. Tinsley m. Elizabeth Milam (James b. 17Mar1826) #3901

1858--J.W. Tinsley wit. will of George Kennedy.

1862, 27 Jun--will Bk A-227-228, Ira N. Tinsley, CW home on furlough, brother Ransom F. Tinsley, sister Narcissa E. Marow of AL, Nancy J. Perkle of TN, uncle Ira R. Foster of Cass. exr: uncle. #2633

1882, Apr--Permelia Speer, Bartow Co, est to niece Betty Tinsley. (BkA-545) #3904

1860 census:

p666--J. Tinsley 33-SC, E. 26-SC, W. 5m-GA. L. 3f-GA, T. 5/12-GA. #3901

1870 census:

p350-- James W. Tinsley 44-SC, hotel clerk, N. Jane (Milam) 27-SC, William C. 15-GA, Tilly J.13, Thomas W. 11, Elizabeth 9, Jennie S. 7, Watts 5, Robert 3/12-GA. (from Laurens Co,SC) #3901

1880 Census:

p402c--James W. Tinsley 54-SC, Nancy J. 34-SC, Wm. L. 25-GA,son; Lillie J. 21,dau; T.W. 20,son;

Nep. 19,dau; Jeannie E. 14,dau; Z.W. 12,son; James W. 6,son; Watts H. 2,son; Edwin N. 6mo.,son;

p423d--Bettie Tinsley 18-GA, niece in Robt.& Permelia Shur hhd.

Chatham Co: ********** 1777 original (1758-parish St Phillip & Christ)

1844, 23Oct-- William Tinsley m. Sarah Murphy

1860 census:

p233--William B Tinsley, 53--Hanover Co,VA, bank officer; Sarah G.(King), 43--Savannah,GA;

Addison R., 22-Baldwin Co,GA; Sarah A., 21--Richmond Co,GA; Mary W, 16--Baldwin Co,GA; Theodusius 14; Fleming 12; Rebecca 9; Fanny H. 5; Catherine W. 1-Savannah,GA. #5162

1880 Census: p445a--Fleming Tinsley 31-GA, single see #5162

Chattahoochee Co: ********** (formed 1854 from Muscogee & Marion)

1856, 28Sep--Mary Tinsley m. William Askew (#764)

1866, 29Nov--John Wesley Tinsley m. Eliza Bland (#765) (he b.1843-GA, d.1927-TX).

1878, 14Jul--W.J. Tinsley m. Anna Pope

1860 census:

p471--Buford Tinsley, 61-SC (#389)

p471--John Tinsley, 17-GA. (#765)

1880 Census:

p820b--John W. Tinsley 35-GA, Eliza L. 33-GA, Lara F. 12-GA, Silas M. 10, Julia 8, Robert T. 4,

Minnie B. 9mo.-GA #765

1880 Mortality index: Anna Tinsley, age 21, b.GA & Infant Tinsley, 1 mo.

Chattooga Co: *********** 1838 from Floyd & Walker

1844, 25Oct--William Tinsley m. Sarah Murphy

1850 census:

p358--Wm M Tinsley 35-SC, Sarah 34-SC, Susan 10-GA, John 7-GA. (see Thomas Co. 1870)

Cherokee Co:


1852, 17Oct--Nancy Jane Tinsley m. Livingston G Pirkle see#847

1875, 03Jan--Mary Ann Tinsley m. John P. Page

1884, 27Jan--Emma J. Tinsley m. Francis M. Thacker


1856, 10Jan--Ransom Foster, b. 10May1783

1921, 02 Aug--Clines Tinsley

1928, 06Jul--Bige Tinsley

1928, 18Aug--Ransom F. Tinsley

1932, 16Jun--Maggie L.H. Tinsley

1850 Census: p502a--Alfred Tinsley 31-GA hhd 1401

Clarke Co: ********** 1801 from Jackson

1830 census: p327--James Tinsley 111311(30-40)----110001 (30-40)

1840 census: p216--James Tinsley

Court case files:

1821, 1827, 1831, 1832, militia fines & oaths--James Tinsley

1826, 6Feb--Land court min--James Tinsley proved rights-900ac.

1835--Phinizy & Collier vs. James Tinsley

1838--Park E. Arnold vs James Tinsley

Clay Co: ********** (formed 1854 from Randolph & Early)

1897, 31Aug--John W. Tinsley m. Ada Morris

1860 census:

p35--Thomas Tinsley 40-GA carpenter, Sarah 24-GA, Frances 13-GA, John 9/12. #2070

1864 state census to reorganize the militia: Phillip Tinsley, 36y, 11m, farmer, GA, (Early Co) exempt, militia off.

1870 census:

p19--Margaret Tinsley 60-GA, #1506, Leonara 20-GA, Virginia 18-GA, William 30-GA physician. #2040

p50--Philip Tinsley 43-GA, Mary 41-NC, Willie 12-GA, Mason 80-GA. (fr Randolph Co.) #1551

p60--Thomas Tinsley 50-GA carpenter, Sarah 31-GA, Frances S. 21f, John 10, Lona 7f, Carrie 5, Myrtle 1. #2070

1880 Census:

p409c--Philip Tinsley 52-GA, Mary A. 51-NC, Mary Singleton 73-NC, mothinlaw; #1551

p409d--Margaret Tinsley 70-GA, R.L. 29-GA,dau; H.V. Durant 27-GA,dau; W.C. Durant 6_GA,gson. #1506

p410a--W. C. Tinsley 40-GA, L.M. 30-GA,wife; M.C. 6,dau; V.L. 4,dau; Bernard 2-GA,son; #2040

p420b--Thomas Tinsley 60-GA, Carrie V. 14-GA,dau; M.L. 11,dau; A.L. 9,dau; Eva 8; A.J. 5,son; #207-

Cobb Co: ************


1849, 14Oct--Jane G. Tinsley m. Phillip P. Clayton, at home of Wm Tinsley, all of Cobb Co.

Probate court: Wm. Tinsley-1854; Wm. J. Tinsley 1862-3; Mary Tinsley, inventory-1863;

1840 census--p264--William Tinsley

1860 Census: p364--Mary Tinsley

1870 Census: p William Tinsley 31-GA

1880 Census: p13d--Wm. T/Linsley 43-SC, Mary Jane 36-GA, Thomas 13-GA.

Columbia Co: ************* (formed 1790 from Richmond)


1797,7 Oct --James Richards m. Lucy Crawford #2217

1800, 24Jul--Elizabeth Tinsley m. Isaac Underwood #1044

1804, 8Dec--Mary Tinsley(wid) m. Philip Green #1499

1805, 26Mar--Peggy Tinsley m. Wm. Hanson #1049

1806, 31Mar--Nancy Tinsley m. Nathan Benton #1047

1806, 8 Jul-- James Tinsley m. Lucy Crawford Richards #1494

1806, 29Oct--Hannah Bird Tinsley m. Samuel M Smith #1046

1807, 7Jan--Susannah Tinsley m. John Simmons #1045

1817, 24Dec--John Tinsley m. Rebecca Yarborough #1504

1828, 27 Apr-- Mrs Rebecca B. Tinsley m. Alexander Eady #2064

Deeds & estates:

27Nov1793--deed ref land James Tinsley

1793 Muster rolls--James Tinsley

1794, 08Aug (rec31Mar1797) Benj Finney to James Tinsley, 100a.

1800, 17Sep (rec 8Sep1803)--Benj. Finney 100a on Uchee Cr to James Tinsley

1801, 29Dec--will prob (written 26Sep1801) David Tinsley (#644) daus: Eliz Underwood, Sucky Simmons, Hannah Bird Tinsley, Nancy Smith Tinsley, Franky Armstead Tinsley, Peggy Tinsley; son: James. Exr:Hannah Bird Tinsley & Charles Crawford. Wit:Thomas, Samuel, & Aley Hanson. Bk A-130

1802, 17May (rec 8Nov1802)James Tinsley to John Austin, 4a., Is. In Savannah R.

1804, 24Jul--Philip Tinsley witness to will of Ambrose Jones.

1805,---Hannah Tinsley, Excx, est of David Tinsley, dec’d: 8 slaves,260a.--tax list. #644

1806 tax list: Philip Tinsley, 202 1/2a., 4th dist., #302, Sugar Cr, Baldwin Co.

1808, 07Mar--Philip Green est. --Mary & James Tinsley adm.

1814, 7Feb--will, 9Feb inv--James Tinsley, age 50, RW soldier, (#1494), wife Lucy (Ann Crawford Richards), sister of Hon Wm Harris Crawford, daus: Nancy, Betsy, Anne, Sally; sons: Philip, Wm, John,Abram, James and child yet to be born. sister Sarah Wofford. Exrs: David & Augustus Crawford & son Philip. (2 sets of children) Bk H-286 #1494

1817, 13Feb--ref D. Tinsley & land on Savages Cr, (1 mi. from Saratoga) known as Tinsley's tract.

1819, Nov--Mason A. & Philip Tinlsey witness Mathew Killingsworth will.

1823, 21May--will (written 28Jul1822) John Tinsley, wife Rebecca (Yarborough), dau: Mary Frances, "child in esse". ex: bro Wm Tinsley & Mathew Bolton. wit:Mary Cliatt, Lucy Tinsley & James Yarborough. Bk W-68


1835, 22Sep--Quit Claim--Allen Green relinquishes claim in estate of James Tinsley, dec'd, in right of his mother, to William Tinsley-----mother was Mary Tinsley, m. Philip Green 8 Dec1804.

1790 Reconstructed Census of GA.--1793 Columbia Co. muster rolls--James Tinsley #1494

1820 census: p32-Lucy Tinsley; p33-Phillip Tinsley; p40-Abraham Tinsley.#1505 See#1494

1830 census: p344--Cath. Tinsley 1m 5-10,----111101 (30-40) #2046

1850 census:

p274--Lurany Tinsley 21f-GA, Nancy 2-GA, Mary 1-GA (w/o John L. Tinsley, see Richmond Co.)

p276--Robert Tinsley 16-GA (in Wade Blackston hhd)

Crawford Co: ************** 1822 from Houston

1827, 28 Nov--Elizabeth Tinsley m. Thomas Harrell #390

1828, 15May--Elizabeth Tinsley m. Thomas Harper

1848, 2Feb--Nancy F. Tinsley m. Wm. Lockett

Decatur Co:

1830 Census: p3--Green Tinsley 1m 5-10, 2m 30-40----1f 20-30

Dooly Co:

1860 Census: p497--W.F. Tinsley

Elbert Co: ***********

1803, 31May--Bk H-139, John Rucker ref Madison Co,VA estate of John Tinsley

1812, 05Mar--Joseph Rucker m. Margaret W. Speer #1687

1826, 07Apr--Thomas C. Tinsley m. Martha B. Harris (Thomas b. 1798) see SC

1828, 03Jan--Thomas D. Tinsley m. Sarah D. Edwards

1834, 23Dec--Tinsley W. Rucker m. Sarah E. Harris son of #1687

1830 Census: p137--Wm. D. Tinsley


James Tinsley Alexander Gaines 1868--2Feb1928

John Tinsley Hulme Jr. 1866--16Jan1944

Fayette Co: ************ 1821 original, Creek cession

1854, 11Feb--Larkin & Wyatt Tinsley purchasers at estate sale.

1862, 14Oct--A.B. Tinsley, 44th Regt, Co G wounded at battle of Sharpsburg, MD (newspaper)


1852, 02Dec--Malissa Tinsley m. Wilson M. Smith

1874, 14Oct--S.A. Tinsley m. John W. Adams #1307

1878, 31Jan--F.M. Tinsley m. Mollie Thompson #1245

1881, 01Nov--Martha J. Tinsley m. William M. Parrott #1308

1885, 14Apr--Panily K. Tinsley m. Edward Kennedy

1892, 14Dec--L.L. Tinsley m. R.E. Hardy (groom)

1897, 05Dec--Vassie Tinsley m. Richard Laster see#1245

1898, 06Mar--Mertice Tinsley m. B.J. Perry

Ebenezer U.Meth Ch Cem:

Asa Barnes Tinsley 26Jan1842--6May1932 #1243

Melissie Tinsley 17Aug1849--28Mar1932

Francis Marion Tinsley 14Jun1851--10Feb1910 #1245

Mary Pendol Tinsley 16Apr1852--7Dec1915

Girard Oswell Tinsley 14Dec1872--12Apr1962 #2886

Lucy Hardy, w/o G.O. Tinsley 1873-1925

Philllips Fam Cem:

W.W. Tinsley 29Dec1830--30Sep1865 #1240

Cathin L Tinsley 9Oct1839--26May1913 #1305

Rhoda A Tinsley 17Sep1864--1Jan1897 #1310

James B. Tinsley 24Feb1862--29Dec1880 #1309

Tax digest: 1834--Larkin Tinsley--Defaulter #391

1840 census:--p223--L.G. Tinsley #391

1850 census:

p4--Larkin Tinsley 47-SC, Quinton 21-SC, Wyatt W. 19-GA, Miltia 17f-GA, Bailey 12-GA, Acy B 9-GA,

Pamelia M 6-GA. #391

1860 census:

p31--L.G. Tinsley 56-SC, Mary 49-SC, (Wm)Bailey 21-GA, A.B. 19m-GA, Cettring 14m-GA, M.T. 11m-GA #391

p33--Wyatt W. Tinsley, 29-GA, Lucinda 20-GA, Mary R. 5-GA, S.A. 4f, Martha J. 6/12. #1240

1870 Census:

p51--A.B. Tinsley 28-GA, Elizabeth M. 20-GA #1243

p51--Lewis (or Larkin) G. Tinsley 69-SC, Permelia C. 24-GA, Francis M. 19-GA. #391

p50--Lucinda Tinsley 29-GA, Mary R. 15-GA, Sereda A. 13, Martha J. 10-GA, James Bartow 8, Rhoda 5. #1305

1880 census:

p80b--Lucinda Tinsley 40-GA, widow; Mary R. 24-GA,dau; Martha J. 20,dau; James B. 17,son, Rosa A. 15,dau;

p86b--Barney A. Tinsley 38-GA, Elizabeth M. 30, Girard O. 7m-GA, Lenora L. 5, Myrtice A. 1-GA,dau; #1243

p91c--Larkin Tinsley 79-SC, Kitura 32-GA, dau. #391

p91c--Francis M. Tinsley 28-GA, Mary 28-GA,wife; #1245


Forsyth Co: ************* 1832 from Cherokee

1848, 2 Jan--Benjamin F.Tinsley/Tenly m. Amandy C. Jones

1854, 27Jul--Miles W. Tinsley m. Eleanor Hays (#2854)

1855, 16Aug--Georgia Ann Tinsley m. Thomas H. Francis (#2059)

1857, 20Dec--Washington Tinsley m. Linney Caroline Holbrook (#2058)

1858 10Sep--Nancy J. Tinsley m. James A. Holbrook #2060

1859, 18Jan--Thomas J. Tinsley m. Elvira Roberts (#2057)

1859, 6Dec--Ransom F. Tinsley m. Mary J. Henderson

1864, 6Oct--Ransom Foster Tinsley m. Arcadi Trible (#2061)

1869, 10Oct--William R Tinsley m. Lavicie R. Purcell #2062

1876, 08Oct--William H Tinsley m. Ophelia Durane #5765

1877, 15Aug--Frances Tinsley, age 16, b.Forsyth,GA, f.Isaac T. Tinsley b. Spartanburg,SC m. Jesse M. Williams, age 19. #2853

1878, 7Nov--E.S. Tinsley, age 20, b.Spartanburg S.C., f.Isaac, m.Mahala Nolen m. E.A.Prewett, age 14, b. Jackson Co,GA. #2852

1879, 9Mar--Ransom Tinsley, age 19, b.Forsyth,GA, f.Washington, m.Nelly Hays m. Ellen Bolland, age 17


1879, 16Dec--Mary E. Tinsley, age 18, f.Miles W., m. Elener Hays, m. John T. Roper #2857

1880, 30Sep--David A. Tinsley, ag 22, b Forsyth,GA, f.M.W.,m.Nelly Hays; m.Nancy White, age 18 #2858

1883, 19Apr--James P Tinsley m. Barbary Williams

1885, 04Jan--Annie Tinsley m. Wm. M. Turner

1891, 11Jan--John E Tinsley m. Nancy S Nix b.2Apr1864 (son Wm Guy Tinsley b. 28Sep1893)

1896, 19Mar--N.E.E. Tinsley m. Albert Tallant

1897, 04Jul--Emma Tinsley m. Wm. J. Crow

1897, 26Sep--Maud Estell. Tinsley m. Lee Smith

1899, 11Jun--Mary Tinsley m. Thomas H. Attison

1905, 21Feb--R.L. Tinsley m. Ethel Samples

Cemeteries: Wm H. Tinsley (1857-1928) Ophelia D. Tinsley (1858-1937) #5765


1862, 22Jan & 1864, 16Feb--Isaac Tinsley treasurer of Forsyth Co. #847

1885, 13Jan, 7Jan 1887, 10 Jan1889-- R. F. Tinsley is sheriff of Forsyth Co. #2061

1893, 9Jan--Ransom F. Tinsley sheriff.

Confederate widows:

L.C. Tinsley w/o W.J/I Tinsley 2nd GA, Co K #2058

Nellie Tinsley w/o M.W. Tinsley St Gds, Co K #2854

Indigent Confederate Pensions: W I/J Tinsley, 2nd Ga, CoK, died Aug 1909 #2058

1834 state census: Isaac Tinsley-3 #847

1840 census: p284--Ransom Tindsey (sic)

1850 census:

p156--Isaac Tinsley 43-SC (#847), Elizabeth 43-SC. Thomas 15-GA, Washington 13-SC,

Georgea A 11f-SC, Nancy 9-SC, Ransum 7-SC, Wm 5-GA, James K 3-GA, M.W. 24-SC

Hhd179-5--Elizabeth Tinsley 17-KY & Nancy Tinsley 13-KY in James Gaston 40-SC/Jane H. Foster32-SC hhd (m.1837 Forsyth Co) see #861

p222--Ransum Foster 66-VA, Ransum Foster Jr 21-SC, Newton Tinsley16-KY. #2633 see Bartow Co wills.

p230--Ransum F Tinsley 20-KY (In Ira R & Milly Haynes Foster hhd) #2632

1860 census:

p435--Isaac Tinsley 53-SC, Elizabeth 53-SC, Ransom 17-SC, Wm R. 14-GA, Jas. K 12-GA.

W.J. Tinsley 24-SC, Tennessee 20-SC. #847

1864 state census for reorganizing the militia: Wm. Tinsley, 29y, 2m, farmer, born Forsyth Co.

1870 census:

Miles Tinsley 44-SC, Elanor 36-SC, Wm H. 13-SC, Mary E. 10-SC, Ransome 9-SC, David A. 6-GA

Robert Lee 4-GA, George W. 2-GA, baby 4/12-GA. #2854

Isaac C. Tinsley 42-SC, Mahala 28-SC, Emmanuel 11-SC, Florence 9-SC, Carrie 5-SC, Sallie 3SC,

Jesse 2f-SC, Alice 3/12-GA. #2013

Wm. Tinsley 24-GA, Lavica 21-GA. #2062

Isaac Tinsley 63-SC, Elizabeth 63-SC, James K. 21-GA. #847

Mary Tinsley 12-GA, Oney Tinsley 10-GA, both at school & in Wm Ezzard hhd.

Ransom Tinsley 27-SC, Arcady 23-GA, Julia A. 2-GA. #2061

Irvin Tinsley 34-SC, Lumie C. 32-GA, in Judy N. Holbrook 76-GA hhd. #2058

1880 Census:

p366c--P/R Tinsley 19-GA, Maggie L. 17-GA, wife; see #2856

p383d--W. Irvin Tinsley 44-SC, Linnie C. 40-GA; #2058

p383d--Isaac Tinsley 73-SC, Elizabeth 73-SC, James K. 31, son; #847

p462d--M.W. Tinsley 54-SC, Elenda 46-S, David A. 17-GA, Robert 14, Charlie 11, John E. 7,

Lou 5-GA,dau; #2854

p462d--W. H. Tinsley 23-SC, Ophelia 23-GA, Emma L. 1-GA; #5765

p464d--Ransom F. Tinsley 37-SC, Arcady 34-GA, Julia A. 12-GA, Nancy G. 9, Creola C. 7, Phebe 4,

Ellen 1-GA; #2061

Franklin Co: ********** 1784 original

(Wm Basel Tinsley m. Martha Tate, b.1774-NC, 1821,12May-Patsy Tate Tinsley, legatee, est. Wm Tate, prob. Pendleton Co.SC)

1819, 08Mar--Deed of gift, Andrew Tate to Bazzel Tinsley, 100a after death of his wife Elizabeth Tate.

1819--Superior Court--state vs Bozzil Tinsley

1820--census--Bassel Tinsley

1821--Superior Court--Bazel Tinsley vs Jesse McMillan

1822, 01Aug, (rec. 20Feb1823) from Bazel Tinsley to John Scull, 100a, lot #18

1826--Superior Court--Wm. Bailey vs John Bird & John Tinsley

1837, 28Dec--Disa M. Tinsley m. James B. Johnson

1830 census--p254-Martha Tinsley.

1840 census--p306-Martha Tinsley

1850 census:

p330--Amelia Tinsley 30-GA, Wm. 10-GA, Andrew 8, Martha 6, John 4, Jane 2-GA

Fulton Co: *********

1870 Census:

p101--M.M. Tinsley 22f-GA

p224 & 257--Caroline & Julia Tinsley

p446--Robert Tinsley 37-KY, Isabella 33-GA, Martha 8-GA, Green 5-GA, Millie 3-GA.

1880 Census:

p198b--A. W. Tinsley 23m-GA, single in Stewart hhd.

p365c--Sarah Tinsley 34-NC, widow; Sebastian 12-GA,son;

p461b--Edna Tinsley 12-GA,gdau; Clara Tinsley 10-GA,gdau; Robert Tinsley 8-GA,gson; Mrs. S.E. Tinsley 33- GA, dau, widow; in Robert Hilley 57-GA hhd;

Gordon Co: **********

1860 Census:

p281--John D. Tinsley 33-GA, jeweler, Ann E. 30, John E. 6, Allison W. 2. (See Newton Co.)

1862--J.D. Tinsley, J.P., appraise estate.

1864 state census for reorganizing militia: John D. Tinsley, age 34, exempt-JP

1870 Census:

p192--John D. Tensley 43-GA

(John Dilwood Tinsley b.4Mar1827-Newton Co, d.1905 m. 7Jan1851 Ann Eliz Wooding, b.1829 Gordon Co, d. 1898

1880 Census:

p114b--John D. Tinsley 53-GA, Ann E. 51-VA, Thomas A. 17-GA, Marthie J. 14, Agnes L. 8, Marshall T. 5;

Hall Co: **********

1836 & 1838--militia roll--Samuel P. Tinsley

c.1845--Livingston Green Pirkle, b.25Jun1825, Hall Co. m. Nancy Tinsley

Henry Co: ********** 1821 original

1850 census:--John Tinsley, 52-SC; Nancy 53-GA; J.B. 20m-GA; S.H. 19f-GA; W.T. 16m-GA;

W.H. 14m-GA. (not the VA Tinsley line) see family sheet.

1848, 16Nov--Martha Ann Tinsley m. Hiram Alexander

1849, 09Dec--Eliza J. Tinsley m. Benj Adkins 1850 in Henry Co.

Houston Co:

1870 Census:

p161--Wiley Tinsley 43-GA farm mgr, Nancy A. 39-GA, James Riley 19-GA laborer. #2049

Jasper Co:

1831, 20Oct--Mrs. Lucy Ann Tinsley, age 23, w/o Wm B. Tinsley of Richmond,VA died in Monticello,GA, leaving 2 infant children. (see Baldwin Co.) Lucy #972

1825--- --Lucy Tinsley, will, Bk MR7-176, date looks suspect!

1833, 23 May--John Hill grantor to Wm. B. Tinsley grantee

1850, 23Dec--Lucy A. Tinsley m. Laurence M. Reese (see Baldwin Co) dau of #5162

1874, 28Nov--Henry Tinsley m. Cass Ann Thurman

1877, 12Dec--Daniel Tinsley m. Angyline Whitfield

1886, 28Dec--Wm. Tinsley m. Frances Perry

1850 Census: p129--Lucy A. Tinsley 18-GA, in David Reese 53-NC, hhd. #5165

c. 1900--Eugenie Tinsley m. Wallace Franklin Short, child b. 1902

Jones Co: *********** 1807 from Baldwin

1809, 17Jan--Mary Tinsley, widow, deed to Jesse Cox

1811 tax list: John Tinsley; Mary Tinsley; Samuel Tinsley.

1830 census:--p434-Jas W. Tinsley 202111 (30-40)---11101 (20-30) (see Monroe Co.)

c.1835--Eliz Ann Tinsley m. George Washington Huckaby, b.4Dec1811

Lowndes Co:

1880 Census: p243c--Theo Tinsley 43-GA, widower; in James W. Dickson 55-NC hhd;

Lumpkin Co: *********

1845, 21Jul--Louisa Rebecca Tinsley m. John Dye

1866, 30Dec--Rittey E. Tinsley m. Alexander Duncan

1886, 06Oct--R.C. Tinsley, groom m. J.C. White

1850 Census:

p10--Absolum Tinsley 30-TN, Eliz 32-SC, Malinda 12-GA, Malipa 10, Sarah 8, Lumpkin 6, Mary 4, Wm 2.

Marion Co:

1870 Census:

p129--John W. Tinsley 28-GA, Eliza 22-GA, Lavina 3-GA, Silas M. 3/12-GA

p129--Martha Tinsley 54-GA, Louis 15-GA, America 13-GA.

Meriwether Co:

1833, 10Jan--Charles C. Tinsley m. Allathia Stanley, see Barbour Co,AL #2789

1850, 05Dec--Elizabeth Caroline Tinsley m. John Fletcher Fisher(b.1825) (1870-Walker Co,TX)

b.20Oct1835, father Wm Dilwood Tinsley d.1890-Walker Co,TX

1840 Census: p116--Charles C. Tinsley

1860 Census:

p354--W. D. Tinsley 59-SC.

son Wm James Tinsley b. 1837, d 1907-Walker Co,TX, m.Addie White (see 1880 Mitchell Co.)

Wm. Dilwood Tinsley died July 1871-Mitchell Co, married to Sarah B. Tittle, b1797-KY, d. 3Feb1855, Meriwether Co.

Mitchell Co:


1882, 24Oct--James A. Tensley m. Malissa Gregory

1890, 07Jan--Luther Tinsley m. Bamma Jeffers

1896, 23Nov--James A. Tinsley m. Lula Ward

1898, 16Jun--O.M. Tinsley m. Mittie Henly

1899, 23Nov--Ema Tinsley m. John W. Simpson

1860 slave schedule:--p306--Dr. Tinsley

1880 Census:

p497a--W. J. Tinsley 43-GA, Eliza M. 23-GA,wife; Mary 16-GA,dau; Callie 14,dau; Oscar 6-GA,son;

Nancy Ingram 50-GA, mothinlaw;

p530d--John C. Tinsley 60-SC, Caroline 38-FL, wife; Wm. Robert 17, James 15, Luther Marlin 8, Rosa L. 6mos-GA.

Monroe Co: *********** 1821 Creek cession


1827.29Nov--Sarah F. Tinsley m. Young F. Tigner #2219 son of Phiip Tigner, Clarke Co.

1834, 21Aug--Samuel P Tinsley m. Penelope Lane see Chambers Co,AL

1839, 9Jul--David R Tinsley,21 m. Saran Ann Holt,17 (#2047)

1839, 31Oct--James W Tinsley m. Elizabeth Rowe(b.14Jul1802-SC, d.17Nov1872,Tallapoosa,AL) 2nd wife

1842, 4Jan--Elizabeth N Tinsley m. Wm. W. Trippe

1848, 12Mar--Wiley F Tinsley m. Nancy A Gaines #2049

1850, 10Feb--Griffin C Tinsley m. Jane E Winbush #2048

1882, 16Mar--Lewis Tinsley m. Rosetta Thomas


1842, 27Nov---died-- James W Tinsley, Major-b.1792 SC #748

1895, 22Mar--Will Bk C-357--C. W. Tinsley, to wife & children.

1840 census:--p181-David R. Tinsley (#2047-to Waco,TX)

1850 census:

p39--Elizabeth (Rowe)Tinsley 40-NC, Mary 10-GA, John 6-GA. w/o#748

p45--James W Tinsley 31-SC, P.E. Collins 18m-GA, Andrew Tinsley 17-GA. #2811 & #2050

Griffin C. Tinsley 24-GA, Jane E (Winbush) 18-GA #2048

Wiley Tinsley 23-GA, Nancy (A.Gaines) 20-GA #2049

D.R. Tinsley 32-SC (M.D), Sarah A. (Holt) 28-GA, Elizabeth D. 6-GA, Victoria 3-GA. #2047

1860 census:

p803--Griffin C. Tinsley 30-GA, Jane E. 25-GA, James R. 9, Mary V. 7, Alice F. 4, Elizabeth 2. #2048

Morgan Co: ********** 1807 Baldwin

1809, 30Nov--Philip Tinsley m. Chuza Tapley #1500

1812, 04Apr--Philip Tinsley m. Mason Tapley #1500

1825, 03May--William Tinsley m. Catherine Owen

1831, 09Feb--Wm. Tinsley m. Margaret Spears #1502

1810 tax digest: Phillip Tinsley, 202a on Sugar Cr.

Murray Co: ********** 1828 Cherokee

1850, 2Jun--Leonard Tinsley m. Nancy Jane May

1874, 12Nov--N.A. Tinsley of Dalton,GA m. Mary E. Berry of Murray Co. to Bradley Co,TN

1850 Census: p226--Leonard Tinsley 1870 in Whitfield Co.

1880 Census: p408b--Nelson Tinsley 25-GA, Mary 24-GA.

Muscogee Co: ******** 1825/6 original


1805, 28Mar--Peggy Tinsley m. Wm Hanson #1049

1833, 2Mar--Wm B Tinsley m. Sarah G. Davies (d/o late Judge Davies) Milledgeville,GA see Baldwin Co.

1842, 20Feb--Sarah Tinsley m. Minda N. Welch

1846, 1Jan--Margaret Tinsley m. John Clay Dallas Co.,AL

1850, 23Dec--Lucy A. Tinsley (dau of Wm B.) m. Laurence M. Reese, Monticello,GA see Jasper Co.

Mary Esther Tinsley m. Jacob Boland, she died 1874

1855, 27Dec--Martha A. Tinsley m. James Anderson b.1825-IR #763


1834--"Enquirer" started by W.B. Tinsley & M. B. Lamar

1834, 12Apr--Wm. B. Tinsley leaves paper due to health.

1835-Execution docket--Wm B. Tinsley & Wm Tinsley

1836/37--Nelson Tinsley listed as free negro

1840, 1Jul--Wm. Tinsley applied for ltrs of adm, estate of Enoch Doty

1842, 2Mar--Sherrif's sale, ref. Wm. D. Tinsley

1843, Feb--Grand jury, Wm. D. Tinsley

1852 2Feb--Will: Bk A-124/25, William Tinsley, 89 yrs old, written 21Sep1851

1861, Oct--1862, Apr--CW service, G.F. Tinsley, 31st Reg, Co A.

1840 Census:

p315a--Rutherford Tinsley 1m 15-19---1f 15-19

p315a-- Wm Tinsley 2m 10-14, 1m 30-39; 1f 10-14, 1f 20-29 (#294);

p317--Wm Tinsley Jr 2m 0-4, 1m 10-14, 1m 40-49; 1f 10-14, 1f 30-39. (#393)

1845 tax digest--Bluford Tinsley, Wm. J. Tinsley, Wm. Tinsley as agt for A. Golden Tinsley,

James S. Walton gdn for orphan John Tinsley, Young T. Tigner

1850 census:

p366--Wm Tinsley 87-VA, Mary 77-SC, Wm. 38-SC, Golding 36--SC. #294

1860 census:--p288--William J Tinsley, 50-GA.

1870 census:

p722--Golden Tinsley, 55-SC, farmhand in Harrell hhd. (Golden died 1880, age 65, single, b.GA) #395

p725--William Tinsley, 60-SC, farmhand in Williams hhd.

1880 Census:

p636c--Louis Tinsley 28-GA, Liza 30-GA, Minnie 5-AL, Willie 3m-GA, Annie 9mo.-GA.

1880 mortality schedule: Golden Tinsley, age 65

Newton Co: ******* 1821 from Henry, Jasper & Walton

1824, 6May--Jefferson Tinsley m. Nancy Black

1841, 29Oct--Margaret S. Tinsley m. Edmond James Hicks (1825-1878)(dau of A. Jefferson & Nancy Swearingen, b.1825, d.1908-Columbia,GA)

1852, 4Jul--Amanda Tinsley m. John Norton (blacksmith-1880)

1854, 21Feb--Allenson Rucker Tinsley m. Sophia Tucker

1856, 12Oct--Laura Ann S. Tinsley m. C.G. Berry

1866, 1Mar--Joseph Y Tinsley m. Susan E Hilley (1880-Fulton Co, widow)

1868, 1Oct--Thomas H. Tinsley m. Mrs E.P. Moore (Thomas of Americus) 1880-Sumter Co.


1827--Jefferson Tinsley purchaser at Willis Williams estate.

1862--Allanson Jefferson Tinsley, died before 22 Nov 1862-born 24Apr1802, left widow & dau. Adm: John D. Tinsley of Gordon Co,GA

1830 census:--p9-Jno Tinsley**; p12-Jefferson Tinsley. **Irish Tinsley

1840 census:--p18-Jefferson Tinsley.

1850 census:

p434--Jefferson Tinsley 47-SC(silversmith), Nancy 47-SC, Amanda 17-GA, Joseph 16-GA, Thomas 16, Sanius 12f, Etna 9f, Jefferson 7, Margaret 86-SC

p441--R. Tinsley 14m-GA (Wm Barry, tailor, hhd)

1860 census:

p391--A.J. Tinsley 57-SC-silversmith, Nancy 56-SC, Adna 19-GA, Jefferson M. 17-GA.

p414--A.R. Tinsley 26-GA-silversmith, Sophia J. 23-GA, Mary A. 5, Thos H. Tinsley 28-GA

W.J. Tinsley 1m-GA in Cofer hhd.

1870 census:

p2--J.Y. Tinsley 37-GA

Newton Co. Public School Lists:

1846--Jefferson Tinsley--3 males & 1 female entitled to school.

1848--Joseph Y, Thomas W, Allanson R, Louisa Ann, Edey E Tinsley.

1849--Children of Jefferson Tinsley==Joseph Y, Thomas Y, Rucker, Lavia Ann, & Edna Tinsley.

1858--A.J. Tinsley’s children=Jefferson M Tinsley.

1862--A.R. Tinsley--M.A.Tinsley, 1 child.



Pike Co: ********

1870 Census:

p113--George C. Johnson 64-MD, Sarah E. 29-GA, Minnie 2-GA, Charles Tinsley 9-Tn/GA,

Cashias 8-GA, Hallie 6-GA, Thomas 5-GA/

Putman Co: ********** 1807 from Baldwin

1818 census--p122--John Tinsley--Paces Dist.

1818, 17Dec--John Tinsley m. Nancy Baugus (Irish line, see 1850 Henry Co.)

1820, 11Jul--William Tinsley m. Stacey C Martin (her fathers will, 1840 Coosa Co,AL)

1820 census: p96--William Tinsley: p97--John Tinsley. (Capt James Berry's Dist)

Quitman Co:

1870 Census:

p180--J.C. Tinsley 36-AL bridge watchman, Sarah 24-AL, George 14-AL, Sallie 12-AL, John 4-AL,

William 2-GA, Alice 4/12-GA.

Randolph Co: ********** ( 1828 from Baker & Lee)

1843, 20Mar--road petition---Thomas Tinsley

1843, 1Sep--road petition--Thomas Tinsley, near Philip Tinsleys

1846, 11Sep--Almedia Tinsley m. James M Jackson #2068

1846, 3Dec--Thomas Tinsley m. Lavinia F Cook #2070

1848, 16Jun--Philip Tinsley m. Emily Jackson #1551

1852, 21Aug--Philip Tinsley m. Mary Ann Singleton (#1551)

1856--Co. road comms--4th dist:Wm Rucker J.P., 7th dist: Phillip Tinsley

1863, 1Aug--muster roll--Inf, 1st Corp Philip Tinsley

1840 census:--p234-Philip Tinsley #1500 see 1830 Lee Co.

1850 census:

p383--P. Tinsley 22-GA, Emily (Jackson) 23-GA, E.D. 1f-GA #1551

Philip Tinsley 70-GA, Mason (Tapley) 60-GA (see 1870-Clay Co) #1500

1860 census:

p664--Philip Tinsley, 32-GA; Mary A., 28-GA; Voloma 11f; Victoria 9f; Frances 2f; Mason A. 74f;

James Griffin 14. #1551 1870 in Clay Co.

Wills 1845-94--Philip Tinsley.

Richmond Co: ********* 1777 original, 1758 Parish of St Paul

1790 Reconstructed GA Census:

Headright & Bounty grants--James Tinsley #1494

Land court 1786-1787--David & James Tinsley

Wills 1770-1793--Mary Tinsley

Admin & gdn bonds 1789/90--David Tinsley #644

1801, 4May--testate rcd--David Tinsley, dec’d, John Tinsley & Jas Leatherlin L/A. pur at sale: John & Wm Tinsley.

1813, 13May--James Z Tinsley m. Hester Ann Hogg #1501

1813, 23Oct--Rebecca Tinsley m. Jesse Daniel

1818, 13Aug--Vincent Tinsley m. Sarah Birch (Vincent b.1798, Richmond Co, d.1849)

1837, 3July--testate rcds--James Tinsley, minor orphan of John, dec’d, David Tinsley, gdn, John

& Vincent Tinsley, secs.

1837, 7Sep--Elias C Tinsley b1814, m. Alletha Frances May b.1818

1837, 30Nov--Mary Ann Tinsley m. Kimbrough H.Watson

1837, 17Dec--Elizabeth Tinsley m. Wm A. Averett

1840, 03Dec--James Tinsley, Augusta m. Christiana Cregner of Charleston,SC

1842, 22Mar--Mary Ann J. Tinsley m. Leastor Bell

1846, 23Jan--died--David P Tinsley (b.1823 Wilkes Co) par: James T. Tinsley

1847, 15Oct--John L Tinsley m. Lurrency? Reynolds

1820 census: James Tinsley

1840 census:--p301-Catherine Tinsley 010100--0010101 (40-50) #2046

1850 census:

p447--Elias C. Tinsley 36-SC, Alletha F. 32-GA, Eliza 14-SC.

p503--Mary Tinsley 25-SC

1860 census:

p806--Elias C. Tinsley, 44-SC merchant's clerk, Augusta. (3rd Ward)

p841--Catherine Tinsley, 11-GA.

p896--Eliza Tinsley 4th ward

p904--Lurany Tinsley, 37f-GA; Nancy C. 12-GA. 4th ward (see 1850 Columbia Co.)

p979--Tillithy Tinsley, 37f-GA farmer

p1010--Robert Tinsley, 26-GA; Adeline 21-GA.

1870 census:

p93--Mary C. Tinsley 10-GA, Letitia 11, Marcella 8, in orphan asylum,

p98--Lurany J. Tinsley 40-GA.

Stewart Co:

1880 Census:

p501b--Jeff Tinsley 19-GA, Georgia 20-GA.

p535c--T. H. Tinsley 45-GA, Sophia 42-GA, Hattie 18-GA, John 16, Willey 11, Elizabeth 9-GA.

Sumter Co: ********* 1851 from Lee Co.


1835, 27Mar--Elizabeth A. Tinsley m. George W. Huckaby #2042

1851, 2Dec--Adeline Tinsley m. Shepherd Green Pryor (Adeline died bef. 1853) #1553

1852, 19Sep--Annie Tinsley (Nov1833-Apr1914) m. John W. Perry (1825-1895) #1554


1832, 30Jun--William Tinsley buys lot #162,16th dist.

1834, 17Sep & 11Nov--William Tinsley witness to deeds.

1834, 22Dec--William Tinsley to Wm. Hughes, lot #162, 16th dist.

1852, 1Nov--William Tinsley, will, Bk A-29--,wife Margaret, daus Ann Perry w/o John Perry; Julia Ann; Rebecca Lenore; Hannah Virginia. Sons: Wm. Columbus & Thos. H. L. Tinsley. grdau: Margaret Lucinda Pryor, dau of Margaret A. & Shephard G. Pryor. Daus: Betsy Ann Huckaby w/o George Huckaby, Stacy W. Hawkins w/o P.W. Hawkins, Mary S. Thompson w/o Portlock F. Thompson. #1502

1840 Census: p162--Wm. Tinsley #1502

1850 census:

p164--Wm Tinsley, 57-GA; Margaret 46-GA; Ann 16-GA; Wm C. 10; Thomas 5; Julia 3; Rebecca 4/12;

John T. Tinsley 27. #1502

1860 census:

p473-Margaret Tinsley 50-GA, Columbus 20-GA, Thomas 16-GA, Julia 14, Levisia 10, H. Virginia 8 #1506

1870 census:

p300-- Thomas H. Tinsley 38-GA watch repairmen, Lizzie P.(Moore) 28-GA, Jessie M. 8m-GA, Willie J. 8/12-GA

(see Newton Co-1860)

1880 census:

p28a--Samuel Tensley 25-GA, widower??

p77b--Thomas Tinsley 43-GA, Elizabeth 38-GA, Jesse More 19-GA,stepson; Willie J. Tinsley 10-GA,son;

Arthur Tinsley 7-GA, Jack 5-GA.

Terrell Co:


1858, 07Dec--Thomas Tinsley m. Sarah M. Session #2070

1873, 13Dec--Alfred Tinsley m. Amanda Jackson Thomas

1880, 31Jan--Amanda Tinsley m. Levi Fondlin

1888, 22Mar--Alfred Tinsley m. Anna Teal

1895, 10Oct--Joseph Tinsley m. Anna Bivins

1897, 20Apr--George Tinsley m. Silla Murray

1897, 22Sep--Walter Tinsley m. Jasper Marlin

1870 Census: p500--Alfred Tinsley 28-GA, farming

Thomas Co:


1867, 24Feb--Miss S.E. Tinsley m. I.M.B. Walker at fathers res. in Thomas Co.

1870, 24Feb--John A. Tinsley m. Mary A. Spears

1871, 29Oct--Fannie Tinsley m. Isaac Epton

1874, 17Oct--Millie Tinsley m. Claiborn Adams

1875, 29Aug--Sarah Tinsley m. Willis Alston

1876, 23Jan--Edward Tinsley m. Nancy Ross

1883, 19May--Young Tinsley m. Caroline Odum

1893, 09Apr--Mary V. Tinsley m. O.G. Lewis

1896, 19Apr--Rilla Tinsley m. Gordon Scott

1900, 17Jan--Willie Tinsley m. Nancy Revels

1864 state census for reorganizing the militia: John Tinsley, age 47, overseer, b. Laurens Co,GA.

1870 Census:

p106--John Tinsley 23-GA, Mary 23-GA; Wm M. Tinsley 53-SC, Sarah 43-SC, James M. 13-GA.

1873, 12Apr--ltrs in P.O.=James M., John A., & Sarah Tinsley

1880 Census: p358d--James M. Tinsley 25-GA, single in Sanford hhd.

Troup Co:


1856, 16Nov--John A. Tinsley m. Mary R. Jones

1870, 08Jan--Roxanna Tinsley m. George Sandy

1871, 28Dec--Mary Tinsley m. Harrington Troup

1876, 17Sep--Bell Tinsley m. Harry Davidson

1876, 30Nov--Sudie C. Tinsley m. Henry L. Embry

1886, 18Apr--Lee Tinsley m. Charlotte Rutlage

1889, 09Sep--Charles A. Tinsley m. Susie Roberts

1870 Census:

p288--Rebecca Tinsley 46-AL, Charles 10-GA, Susan 8-GA; in James Jones 88-SC hhd.

1880 census:

p600a--Charles Tinsley 21-GA,single; Rebecca 55-GA, widow,mother; Susan Jones 53-GA, aunt;

James Jones 12-GA, nephew;

Whitfield Co:

1870 census: p134--John G. Tinsley 18-SC & Leonard Tinsley 40-SC,

1880 Census:

p52b--Alex Tinsley 17-TN,single, in A. J. Hughes hhd.

p62a--Leonard N. Tinsley 51-SC, Nancy I. 47-TN, Thomas A. 15-GA, Lawrence 11, Lillie 8, Dollie 6,

Rett 4f, Lavina E. Dawn 27-GA, dau; James May 78-NC, widower, fathinlaw;

Wilkes Co: ********* formed 1777

1805, 7Aug--Samuel Tinsley, bill due.

1813, 26May--Presley Rucker m. Elizabeth Young

1815, 13Jul--Fielding Rucker m. Louisa Stallings

1818, 14Feb--Abraham Tinsley m. Catharine Parks #1505

1818, Dec--will Vol 1-98, references Abraham Tinsley & w. Catherine Parks #1505

1819--Sharman-Sherman, Robert Sr, dec’d est., recpt of Abraham Tinsley in right of his wife

Catherine Parks, Dec 1818.

1822--Dr James Tinsley apptd-est. of Thomas Glass #646

1828, 3Jan--William Dilworth Tinsley m. Sarah B. Little-Edwards (see Meriwether Co.)

1860, 24Jan--Anna E. Tinsley m. Boling A. Love

1850 census: p320--James Tinsley b.1793, Mary b.1804, Albert C. b.1838, Frances b.1839,

Thomas J. b.1832, Victoria b.1831, William B. b.1827, #646

Worth Co:

Sumner Cem: Margaret Speer, w/o Wm. Tinsley--4Mar1810----26Dec1890 #1506

Misc Cos: ***********

1799, 19Nov--Jefferson Co.--Thomas Tinsley obit, ltr adm to Keziah Tinsley

1800, 5Apr--Hancock Co--Samuel Tinsley adm est Robert Allen

1802-------Jefferson Co--tax list--John Tinsley (see Kemper Co,MS-1872)

1810--------Montgomery Co--Philip Tinsley, tax list.

1810 Census: Pulaski Co: --John Tinsley, Paces Dist.

1818----Pulaski Co--tax list--John Tinsley, p122

1820--------Washington Co--John Tinsley, p140-census.

1820--------Wilkinson Co--Tinsley Heath, p211-census.

1827, 12Mar--Habersham Co--James Tinsley m. Martha L Dryman

1832--------Habersham Co--Mariah Tinsley, 3yrs. abs of S. Tinsley, orphan, gold lottery.

1830 Census--p3, Decatur Co.--Green Tinsley

1830 Census--p28, Lee Co.--Philip Tinsley

1830 Census--p45, Habersham Co.--Indiana Tinsley

1832, 02Mar--Habersham Co.--Drusilla Tinsley m. Harmon M. Willis #312

1833, 10Jan--Marian Co--Charles C. Tinsley m. Allathia Stanley #2789, see Barbour Co,AL

(see Meriwether Co.)

1835, 7Jan--Mathew Bolton of Monroe Co,MO to Alexander Eady to dispose of land in Twiggs Co, formerly Wilkinson Co., sell as executor of John Tinsley , decd. See #1504

1842, 20Mar--Floyd Co--Mariah Tinsley m. Thomas Lancaster

1842, 17Jun--Floyd Co--John A. Tinsley m. Jane Walraven.

1846, 21Jan--Dallas Co--Margaret Tinsley m. John Clay

1849, 5Sep--Early Co--died Adeline (Cook) Tinsley, w. of Thomas Tinsley (#2070), dau of Rev.

Jones E. Cook, age 18, left ch & h.

Civil War Service and Veterans:

Andrew J. Tinsley 6th GA Inf, Co. D & 53rd GA Inf, Co K d.1864 (Butts Co) #2050

A. R. Tinsley 8th Inf, Co B & Co I, GA Consr. (Chatham Co) At Appomattox

Asa B. Tinsley 44th GA Inf, Co G. (Fayette Co) #1243

G. F. Tinsley 31st GA Inf, Co B (Muscogee Co)

Howard Tinsley 4th Inf, AQM, GA Cook's Brig., capt. At Appomatox. #5163, Baldwin Co.

Ira N. Tinsley 18th GA Inf, Co A died 4Sep1862 (Cobb Co)

Isaac Tinsley GA Cherokee Legion (St Gd) Co K (Forsyth Co)

Jefferson M. Tinsley GA 3rd Inf, Co A (Newton Co)

John C. Tinsly 12th GA militia

J. M. Tinsley GA 13th Cav, Co B

John W. Tinsley GA 9th Inf, Co E (Talbot Co) At Appomatox

John Tinsley 12th Militia

John A. S. Tinsley GA Lt. Arty, Ferrell's Btty

John D. Tinsley GA Cav. 1st Gordon Squad,(St Gds) Reeve's Comp.

Joshua Y. Tensley 13th GA Cav, Co B

Joseph Y. Tinsley GA 36th Inf, Co D & 1st Conf Inf, Co D (Fulton Co)

J. T. Tinsley GA Ind. Co, 3rd Lt.

Leonard N. Tinsley GA 34th Inf, Co A, 1st Lt & GA 39th Inf, Co E, Capt.

M. W. Tinsley GA Cherokee Legion (St Gds) Co K, Cpl (Forsyth Co) filed pens. Cherokee Co.

Phillip P. Tinsley GA Inf, 13th Bn. (St Gds) Douglass Comp.

R. F. Tinsley GA Cav, 10th Bn. (St Gds) Co C

R. F. Tinsley GA 56th Inf, Co D #2061 Forsyth Co. also 3rd GA state trps, Co K

Robert Tinsley GA 28th Inf, Co C, Cpl (Washington Co)

T. D. Tinsley GA Inf, 26th Bn, Co A, 1st Sgt.

Thomas Tinsley GA Inf, Cobb Guards, Co B

Thomas Haywood Tinsley GA Cobb's Legion, Co B

Thomas H. L. Tinsley GA 12th Inf, Co A (Sumter Co) killed 9Aug1862 #2041

T. J. Tinsley 5th Res, Co B. & GA 56th Inf, Co D (Hall Co) died before Jan1864 in Cobb Co. #2057

Washington I. Tinsley 3rd GA state troops, Co K Forsyth Co.

William Bailey Tinsley GA 1st Reg, Co B & GA 30th Inf, Co G. (Fayette Co) died Sep/Oct 1862

William C. Tinsley GA Inf, 10th Bn, Co C, Ensl, 1st Lt. (Sumter Co)

William Davis Tinsley GA 4th Inf, Co H. (Baldwin Co) At Appomatox

William J. Tinsley GA 51st Inf, Co K (b.1837)

W. J. Tinsley GA Cherokee Legion (St Gds) Co K. (Forsyth Co)

Wyatt W. Tinsley GA 30th Inf, Co G, Sgt, (Fayette Co) #1240

Louisa C. Tinsley, widow of Wm. Russell Tinsley of Co. D, Bakers Regt, Mil. Cav filed pension Fulton Co.