The Thomases Tinsley

Occurances of Thomas Tinsley in early records

Jim Bob Tinsley in his book FROM TOTOPOTOMOY to TRANSYLVANIA states that according to EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS by George Cabell, Thomas Tinsley arrived in Jamestown in 1638 transported by John Robins.

Thomas Tinsley patented 300 acres on the west side of Chickahominy River, Dec 13, 1650.

According EARLY SETTLERS OF MARYLAND by Skordas there was a Thomas Tinsley which was "transported" to MD in 1664.

CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS by Nugent has two entries for Thomas' arriving in VA one arriving 1695, the other 1699.

In 1699 Essex Co. Robert Payne brought suit against the estate of Thomas Tinsley.

The will of Thomas Tinsley is dated October 9, 1700, in New Kent Co. It was recorded in 1702. His wife Elizabeth mentioned along with children Sisily Jennings, Ann Tyler, Thomas, John, Cornelius, and grandaughter Debroah Payne.

Fleet's COLONIAL ABSTRACTS has the will and other estate papers of Thomas whose will was dated 1715 married to Sarah in Essex Co. his children were: Thomas, Phillip, 2 other sons unnamed and unspecified number of daughters.

1726, Frances Bickley (b.31Jan1709) married Thomas Tinsley, of Hanover Co. (W&M Qtrly, Bickley Family)

The will of a later Thomas Tinsley probated July of 1764 Essex Co. mentions wife Margaret, 7 children of whom 4 are named Joshua, John, William and Isaac.

1774, Aug, Will of Thomas Tinsley of Hanover Town, dec'd; adm Agnes Tinsley, his tavern.