1.   Thomas Tinsley I #1, b. 0-___-1618, Yorkshire, England, d. 0-___-1702, New Kent Co,VA.  res:N.side of James R, W. side of Chichahominy R. Regal Pat #403.


     He married Elizabeth Randolph #2, b. 0-___-1620, Yorkshire,England, d. c. 1702, New Kent Co,VA.



            2.       i      Thomas Tinsley II #3 b. 0-___-166-.

            3.       ii     John Tinsley #4 b. 0-___-166-.

            4.       iii     Cornelius Tinsley #5 b. 0-___-166-.

                      iv    Alice Tinsley #6, b. 0-___-164-, James City Co,VA.

                      v     Sicily Tinsley #7, b. 0-___-165-, New Kent Co,VA.

                      vi    Mary Tinsley #8, b. 0-___-165-, New Kent Co,VA.

                      vii    Ann Tinsley #9, b. 0-___-165-, New Kent Co,VA.


Second Generation


2.   Thomas Tinsley II #3, (1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-166-, James City Co,VA, d. 0-Feb-1716, Essex Co,VA, buried: St Ann's Parish.  will 25Nov1715, -sons Philip & Thomas, others sons & daus,w.Sara; 1704 rec'd 2 land grants, 2400 ac in Essex Co.; 1712-14 sells land in St Ann's parish, Essex Co.


     He married Sarah Jackson #10, 0-___-1684, in Essex Co,VA, b. 0-___-166-, VA, d. after 1744, Essex Co, VA.  Sarah: 1720, 04May-Sarah & Thomas Jackson pur. 500a in K&Q  Co. ; 1744, 9Mar, ackn deed of land to David Tinsley, Caroline Co.



            5.       i      Thomas S Tinsley III #11 b. 0-___-1685.

            6.       ii     Ann Tinsley #1565 b. 0-___-169-.

                      iii     David Tinsley #13, b. 0-___-168-, Essex Co,VA, d. after 1747, Caroline Co,VA.  1732 & 1744 bought land in Caroline Co,VA 1732-34 Reg of slaves, Caroline Co. 1736-7 sold land in Orange Co. 1746/7 Caroline Co OB, ref. w Catherine.


                             He married Catherine #637, b. 0-___-169-, VA.


            7.       iv    John Tinsley #15 b. 0-___-169-.

            8.       v     Philip Tinsley #12 b. 0-___-169-.

            9.       vi    Mary Tinsley #17 b. 0-Jan-1703.

            10.      vii    Edward Tinsley #14 b. 0-___-1704.

            11.      viii   Isaac Tinsley #16 b. 0-___-1705.


3.   John Tinsley #4, (1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-166-, James City Co,VA.   atty for bro Thomas & wife Sarah in 1713,Essex Co, deed Bk p113..



            12.      i      Thomas Tinsley #34.

            13.      ii     Joshua Tinsley #1470 b. 0-___-170-.


4.   Cornelius Tinsley #5, (1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-166-, James City Co,VA, d. before 1748, VA.  St Peters & St Pauls Parish Bk: 1708-lands of Cornelius Tinsley;  1711-lands of Cornelius S. Tinsley & Thomas Tinsley;  1720-lands of Cornelius Tinsley & Thomas Jackson; 1721-Cornelius Tinsley, asst surveyor; 1727&1731 Cornelius Tinsley processioning of lands; 1735-John, Thomas & Cornelius Tinsley proc. lands; 1738, St Paul's parish-tobacco levy & Partridge Store Accts.


     He married Eliza Mary Davis #768, b. 0-___-16--, VA.  Eliza: parents: Elizabeth & Eleazar Davis.



            14.      i      Martha Tinsley #1119 b. 0-___-1702.

                      ii     Elizabeth Tinsley #367, b. 4-Apr-1703, New Kent Co,VA.

            15.      iii     Thomas Tinsley #373 b. 0-___-171-.

            16.      iv    Cornelius Tinsley #1121 b. 0-___-1710.


Third Generation


5.   Thomas S Tinsley III #11, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-1685, Essex Co,VA, occupation will prob 16Jul1764, d. 0-Jul-1764, Essex Co,VA.  1741,20Nov-poll-Essex Co.


     He married Margaret Vawter #18, b. 0-___-1697, VA, d. after 1741.



                      i      Isaac Tinsley #19, b. 0-___-17--, Caroline Co,VA, d. 0 ___ 1802, Wilkes Co, NC.  .12Dec1782 Isaac&Sarah of Caroline Co. sold land in Orange Co. 3Apr1787 sold land in Orange Co. Wilkes Co Deed Bk D-544, 5Dec1798-land grant.


                             He married Sarah #562.


                      ii     Elizabeth Tinsley #695, b. 0-___-172-, New Kent Co,VA, d. 2 Jul 1799, Person Co,NC.


                             She married Drury Allen #1080, b. 6-Apr-1714, New Kent Co,VA, d. 0-Mar-1803, Person Co,NC.  Drury: 1758 to Granville Co,NC.


                      iii     John Tinsley #21, b. 0-___-172-, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-Mar-1798, Madison Co,VA.


                             He married Sarah Parks #136, b. 0-___-172-, VA.


                      iv    Joshua Tinsley #22, b. 0-___-1730, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-Jun-1815, Caroline Co,VA.


                      v     William Tinsley #20, b. 0-___-1735, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-Mar-1799, Louisa Co,VA.  13 Oct 1774, Ex. of Philip Tinsley, uncle, will Caroline Co. 1796 Wm Tinsley of Caroline Co. bought 100 ac in Louisa Co. 1816, James Tinsley, John Meriwether, Wm Tinsley of Abbeville Dist,SC heirs of Wm Tinsley Sr, sell 100 ac in Louisa Co,VA 8Apr1799,Louisa Co WillBk 4-76, appraisal of estate 1800-13,  Deed Bk M-171, 29Dec1812, ref children;  Gdn Bonds for orphan children, Louisa Co.


                             He married unknown #217, b. 0-___-173-, VA.


6.   Ann Tinsley #1565, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-169-, Essex Co,VA.


     She married John Goff #1566, b. 0-___-1690, VA, d. 0-___-1762, VA.



                      i      Margaret Goff #699, b. 0-___-1728, Orange Co,VA, d. before 1818, Amherst Co,VA.


                             She married George McDaniel #698, 0-___-1748, in VA, b. 17-May-1722, King William Co,VA, d. 15-Nov-1821, Amherst Co,VA.  George: 1760 pat land AC.


7.   John Tinsley #15, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-169-, New Kent Co,VA, d. 0-May-1762, Halifax Co,VA.  1763-4, Andrew Wade Sr apptd gdn to Elizabeth, Mary & John Tinsley, orphans of John Tinsley, dec'd.


     He married Susannah Chiles #368, in New Kent Co,VA, b. 0-___-1690, VA, d. after1762, VA.  Susannah: will bk 1-35, charlotte co,va.



                      i      Agathy Tinsley #369, b. 0-___-1715, Halifax Co,VA.


                             She married Bryant Coker #2087, b. 0-___-1710, VA.


                      ii     Rachel Tinsley #370, b. 0-___-1718, Halifax Co,VA, d. 9-Apr-1777.


                             She married John Cargill #1414, b. 0-___-1713, Surry Co. VA, d. 0-___-1777, Craven Co,SC.


                      iii     Menoah Tinsley #371, b. 0-___-1719, Halifax Co,VA, d. 0-___-1785, Abbeville Dist, SC.  nephew Thomas Cargill was joint adm & bondsman for estate.


                             He married Elizabeth Cargill #1455, b. 0-___-1720, Lunenburg Co, VA, d. after 1812, SC.  Elizabeth: par:Cornelius Cargill & Eliz Daniel.


                      iv    Cuziah Tinsley #658, b. 0-___-1723, Halifax Co,VA.

                      v     Sarah Tinsley #694, b. 0-___-1727, Halifax Co,VA.

                      vi    Ellinor Tinsley #372, b. 0-___-1744, Halifax Co,VA.

                      vii    John Tinsley #657, b. 0-___-1748, Halifax Co,VA.  1763-orphan & ward of Andrew Wade.


                      viii   Elizabeth Tinsley #1630, b. 0-___-1749, Halifax Co,VA.  1763 orphan & ward of Andrew Wade Sr.

                      ix    Mary Tinsley #5033, b. 0 ___ 174-, VA.  minor in 1763.


8.   Philip Tinsley #12, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-169-, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-Oct-1774, Caroline Co,VA.  1732-34 Reg of slaves, Caroline Co.

     1735/36/38-Caroline Co. deeds.


     He married Johanna #638.



                      i      Philip Tinsley #272, b. 0-___-174-, VA, d. before 1810, Goochland Co,VA.


                             He married Kesiah Stodghill #273, 14-Oct-1765, in Goochland Co,VA, b. 0-___-174-, VA.  Kesiah: 1810-00100--00001;  1815 land list, widow, Tuckahoe Cr, 17E ;.


                      ii     Ann Tinsley #1439, b. 0-___-1745, VA.


                             She married John Davis #1440, 13-Mar-1767, in Goochland Co,VA, b. 0-___-1740, VA.  John: mg date is date of first born child in registry.


                      iii     Thomas Tinsley #100, b. 0-___-173-, Orange Co,VA, d. 0-Mar-1799, Abbeville Co, SC.  1761 in & 1769 bought land-Halifax Co,VA;  1787 tax list, Goochland Co, Philip charged,;  1783 to SC;   will ex:John Tinsley &Wm McKinley.


                             He married Sarah Chisholm #563, b. c.1730, VA, d. SC.  Sarah: parents may be Wm Chisholm (Cherokee) & Debora Cook;.


                      iv    Reaves Tinsley #639, b. 0-___-1755, Caroline Co,VA.  1781,Claim for British damages,Goochland Co.;   1787-90, deliquent taxes, Goochland Co/.,non-inhab; 1800/01/02 tax list, Henrico Co. ;    1810 census,Henrico Co. 00201--01011;   1815 land list, of Henrico Co, Tuckahoe Cr, 17E.


                             He married Nancy Shoemaker #640, 17-Jan-1784, in Goochland Co,VA, b. 0-___-175-, VA.


9.   Mary Tinsley #17, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-Jan-1703, New Kent Co,VA.


     She married John Pendleton #946, 0-___-1719, in VA, b. 0-___-1691, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-___-1776, VA.



                      i      William Pendleton #53, b. 0-___-1720, VA, d. 0-___-1779, Amherst Co,VA.  will 1779 wit:John & Isaac Tinsley, Ambrose Rucker.


                             He married Elizabeth Tinsley #24, 0-___-1748, in VA, b. 0-___-1727, VA, (daughter of Edward Tinsley #14 and Margaret Taylor #23) d. 0-___-1783, Amherst Co,VA.


10.   Edward Tinsley #14, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-1704, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-___-1782, Amherst Co,VA, buried: Amherst Co,VA.  1725, 27May Spots Co Deed Bk A, 100a from James Taylor Sr, both of K&Q Co.;  1726, 7Sep, sells 100a;  1734,27Mar, Deed Bk B, 120a in Spots Co,

       1736, Orange Co,VA-Deed Bks 1&2, 100 ac to Edward by James Taylor Sr, of Caroline Co, sold by Tinsley.      Caroline Co: 1732-45 jury duty; 1733 road worker.  Orange Co. Road Orders (1734-1749) sev ref to Edward. 1766,8Oct- buys 740 ac in Amherst, Bk C-139. 1767 AC order bk, permit build mill, Harris cr. 1769-1782 several deeds of land to sons.


       He married Margaret Taylor #23, b. 0-___-1705, Caroline Co,VA, d. before 1782, Amherst Co,VA.  Margaret: par:James Taylor & Martha Thompson m. 23Feb1698/99 K&Q Co.



                      i      Sarah Tinsley #32, b. 0-___-1727, VA.


                             She married Richard Vernon #94, 0-___-1750, in Orange Co,VA, b. 0-___-1722, VA, d. 0-___-1795, Madison Co,VA.  Richard: served RW, rec'd land grant in Old Surrey (Stokes) Co,NC.


                      ii     Elizabeth Tinsley #24, b. 0-___-1727, VA, d. 0-___-1783, Amherst Co,VA.


                             She married William Pendleton #53, 0-___-1748, in VA, b. 0-___-1720, VA, (son of John Pendleton #946 and Mary Tinsley #17) d. 0-___-1779, Amherst Co,VA.  William: will 1779 wit:John & Isaac Tinsley, Ambrose Rucker.


                      iii     Edward Tinsley #25, b. 0-___-1730, VA, d. 0-___-1798, Madison Co,VA.  1800 taxlist=Edw. Tinsley estate;  1803, 27Jan, Deed Bk 3, Madison Co; division & sale of estate;.


                             He married Elizabeth Buford #52, b. 0-___-1742, VA, (daughter of John Buford #2439 and Judith Early #2440) d. after 1803, Madison Co,VA.


                      iv    John Tinsley #28, b. 0-___-173-, VA, d. 0-___-1817, Amherst Co,VA.  AC OB 2Apr1782, claim for property for public service;  1810-00101-00201;   6Mar1769 & 2Nov1771 rec land fr parents,E&M. ; 7Nov1774 bought 71ac from bro David;  . 4Apr1791 signed pet. Amh.;   1815-landowner Harris Cr;  1818,25Apr-ACDeed BkO-14, heirs.


                             He married Mary Unknown #59, 0-___-176-, in VA, b. 0-___-173-, VA.


                      v     Mary Tinsley #27, b. 0-___-1739, VA, d. 26-Jul-1806, Amherst Co,VA.


                             She married Ambrose Rucker #58, 20 Jan 1755, in VA, b. 20-Jan-1725, Orange Co,VA, d. 14 Dec 1807, Amherst Co,VA.  Ambrose: 1745 in Orange Co.  1751 elder bro Peter, ex fathers will. 1752-66 to Amherst Co. 1778 Sheriff of Amherst Co. Served in Amherst militia in RW.


                      vi    Harriet Frances Tinsley #33, b. 0-___-173-, VA.


                             She married Joseph Johns #95, b. 0-___-173-, VA.


                      vii    William Tinsley #31, b. 0-___-1742, VA, d. 0-___-1816, Amherst Co,VA.  tax list AC=1783/85/87;  1810-10011-22011;  5Feb1791, Amherst Deed refers to Harrison heirs including Wm Tinsley & Betty ;.


                             He married Elizabeth Harrison #88, 176-, in VA, b. VA, d. after 1822, Amherst Co,VA.  Elizabeth: f.Battaile Harrison, AC WillBk 1-317 (mother Frances White) 1822,20Jun-AC DeedBk P-176&178 ref Eliz,widow of Wm. 1790, Culpeper Co Will Bk C-40-Daniel White cites grdau Elizabeth Tinsley.


                      viii   David Tinsley #29, b. 0-___-1747, VA, d. 23 Apr 1828, Amherst Co,VA, (Lynchburg nwp).  3Nov1771 Amh. land from parents Edward & Margaret Tinsley, on Harris Cr. 7Nov1774, sold 71 ac in Amh. to bro John. 4Apr1791,signed pet.,Amh 1818,Oct--AC Deed O-39, to Edward Tinsley Jr 320a on James R. 1824,8Oct--AC Deed Q-246, ref w.Ann.


                             He married Nancy McDaniel #71, b. 0-___-1749, VA, (daughter of George McDaniel #698 and Margaret Goff #699) d. after 1824, Amherst Co,VA.


                      ix    Isaac Tinsley #26, b. 0-___-1748, VA, d. 0-Sep-1814,  Barren Co,KY.  3Oct1774, Amherst Co, buys 142ac from McDaniel; 15Oct1779 & 4Apr1791 signed petitions in AC;  AC order Bk  Feb1791-surveyor;  1810-30010--30010;   1812, 21Sep, AC deed Bk M-234, Isaac & Jinney sell 1/4 th interest in mill;  1822 div of prop, late of Sumner Co,TN ;  Estate Barren Co,KY WBK 1-269, WBK 2-208, died intestate 1814. Settlement 15May1822 divides 550a. among 10 children: Moses, Colby, Richard, Thomas Powell (husb of Seney),  Thomas, Rhoda(Whitney), Francis, Aiden D. Turner, Isaac & Bennett;.


                             He married Jane Lee #54, in VA, b. 0-___-175-, VA, d. Oct 1833, Barren Co,KY.  Jane: Barren Co,KY Recorder Bk 3-483, Oct 1835, settles estate of Jane Lee;.


                      x     Joshua Tinsley #30, b. 0-___-1753, VA, d. 19-May-1818/22, Amherst Co,VA.  1810-00101-02101;  1782/83/85 &87  taxlist ;  1Aug1777, AC. rec land fr parents E&M.;   9Jan1782 fr father1/4 of mill on Harris Cr.; 1815 landowners(Cold Mt., Mill tract, Harris Cr) ;.


                             He married Sarah McDaniel #701, c.1772, in Amherst Co,VA, b. 0-___-1750, VA, (daughter of George McDaniel #698 and Margaret Goff #699) d. before 1818, Amherst Co,VA.


11.   Isaac Tinsley #16, (2.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-1705, New Kent Co,VA, d. 00Aug 1777, Amelia Co,VA.  1727 bought 100a in Spotsylvania Co,VA;   1736, Orange Co,VA Deed Bk 1&2, John Rucker to Isaac and Margaret,all of Orange Co.;  1739 tithe list, Orange Co.

       1735, 17Jun-Thomas Jackson deed land to Isaac, Orange Co;    1758 moves to Amelia Co,VA;.


       He married Margaret Rucker #98, c.173-, in Orange Co,VA, b. 0-___-1705, VA, d. 0-___-1783, Amelia Co,VA.



                      i      Martha Tinsley #2378, b. 0-___-173-, VA, d. bef 1770, VA.


                             She married Anthony Foster #2379, c.1750, in VA, b. 0-___-1727, Spotsylvania Co,VA, d. 09 Apr-1805, Spartanburg Co,SC.  Anthony: parents:John Foster Sr/Isabella Golding.


                      ii     Sarah Tinsley #1043, b. 0-___-173-, Orange Co,VA.


                             She married William Ford #1727, in VA, b. 0-___-173-, VA, d. 0-Oct-1803, Lincoln Co,KY.


                      iii     Thomas Tinsley #812, b. 0-___-173-, Orange Co,VA, d. 0-___-1778, Prince Edward Co,VA.  1768 poll Amelia Co. 1777,28Aug-sells 200a. in Amelia Co. to Joshua Chaffin.


                             He married Mary Ransom #813, c1753, in VA, b. 0-___-173-, VA, d. after 1778.


                      iv    Isaac Tinsley Jr #99, b. 0-___-1736, Orange Co,VA, d. 0-Oct-1782, 96 dist, SC.  1759 buys 100a from parents, on Rapidan R.;     Culpeper Co Deed Bk H-633-635, 23Mar1776, sold 100a.


                             He married Elizabeth Golding #290, 0-___-1752, in Orange Co,VA, b. 0-___-1732, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-Mar-1802, Laurens Co,SC.  Elizabeth: Newberry Co deed BkA-653-57, Dec1785, Elizabeth of 96dist, buys 200a on Little R.


                      v     Elizabeth Tinsley #1042, b. 0-___-174-, Orange Co,VA, d. 0-___-1799, Amelia Co,VA.


                             She married Joshua Chaffin #1157, 0-___-1769, in Caroline Co,VA, b. 22-Oct-1748, Cumberland Co,VA, d. 7-Apr-1824, Amelia Co,VA.  Joshua: 1777,28Aug pur 200a. from Thomas Tinsley in Amelia Co.14-145.


                      vi    James Tinsley #101, b. 0-___-1743, VA, d. 0-Aug-1783, 96 dist, SC.  went to SC 1771.


                             He married Nancy #3742.


                      vii    Philip Tinsley #103, b. 0-___-1746, VA, d. 0-Apr-1784, 96 dist, SC.  went to SC 1771.


                             He married Ann #1493, c.1764, b. c.1740, d. after 1790, Laurens Co,SC.


                      viii   David (Rev) Tinsley #644, b. 0-___-1749, Orange Co,VA, occupation Reverend, d. 0-Oct 1801, Columbia Co,GA.  Pastor at Powhatan Ch, then Chesterfield, now Powhatan Co, jailed for 4 mos. 1785 to Georgia c.1771 Meherrin Baptist Ch-Lunenberg Co.


                             He married Catherine Byrd #645, b. 0-___-174-, VA, d. GA.


12.   Thomas Tinsley #34, (3.John2, 1.Thomas1).


       He married Frances Bickley #35, 0-___-1726, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 31 Jan 1709, VA.  Frances: parents:Joseph & Sarah Bickley (W&M Qtrly,V1-126).



                      i      Lucy Tinsley #37, b. 0-___-172-, Hanover Co,VA, d. 18-Oct-1785, Hanover Co,VA.


                             She married Richard Pickering #398, b. 0-___-172-, VA, d. before 1785, Hanover Co,VA.


                      ii     Charles Tinsley #38, b. 0-___-173-, Hanover Co,VA, d. 08-Feb-1774, NewCastle,Hanover Co,VA.  William Tinsley was adm. of estate;.

                      iii     Elizabeth Tinsley #40, b. 0-___-173-, Hanover Co,VA.

                      iv    Thomas Tinsley IV #36, b. 12-Sep-1731, Hanover Co,VA, d. 0-Aug-1774, Hanover Co,VA.  2Sep1774-of Hanover Town,sale of his estate, adm: Agnes Tinsley, ref his tavern.


                             He married Agnes Garland #41, 0-___-1754, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 0-___-172-.  Agnes: 1775-Adm of Thomas Tinsley est.


                      v     John Tinsley #350, b. 0-___-173-, Hanover Co,VA, d. 0-Nov-1795, Hanover Co,VA.


                             He married Sarah Unknown #351, b. 0-___-173-, VA, d. after 1795.


                      vi    William Tinsley #299, b. 0-Mar1735, Hanover Co,VA, d. 2-Aug-1800, Hanover Co,VA.  DAR#160841.


                             He married Jane Geese #300, 0-___-1761, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 0-___-1743, VA, d. 0-___-1799, Hanover Co,VA.


13.   Joshua Tinsley #1470, (3.John2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-170-, Essex Co,VA.



                      i      Margaret Tinsley #1471, b. 0-___-172-, Essex Co,VA.


                             She married John Noel #1472, c.1740, in Essex Co,VA, b. 0-___-1721, Essex Co,VA, d. 0-___-1801.


14.   Martha Tinsley #1119, (4.Cornelius2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-1702, Hanover Co,VA.


       She married Edward Pate #1120, 0-___-1737, in VA, b. 0-___-1703, VA, d. 2 May 1767, Bedford Co,VA.



                      i      Mathew Pate #4015, b. 0 ___ 1738, VA, d. 2 Jan 1805, Bedford Co,VA.

                      ii     Anthony Pate #4016, b. 0 ___ 1740, Bedford Co,VA, d. 0 ___ 1805.

                      iii     Thomas Pate #4017, b. 0 ___ 1743, VA.

                      iv    Judith Pate #4018, b. 0 ___ 1744, VA.

                      v     Jeremiah Pate #4019, b. 19 Nov 1745, VA, d. 4 Apr 1797, Botetourt Co,VA.

                      vi    John Blackwell Pate #4020, b. 0 ___ 1746, VA, d. c.1767????.


                             He married Judith Early #5937, c.1766, in VA, b. 9 Mar 1752, VA, d. 0 ___ 1814.


15.   Thomas Tinsley #373, (4.Cornelius2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-171-, VA, d. c1782, Hanover Co,VA.  1738-Partridge store accts, son of Cornelius Sr 1749 will of Eliz Davis.


       He married Martha Ragland #374, c. 1743, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 0-___-1723, Hanover Co,VA, (daughter of John Ragland #3170 and Anne Beaufort #3171) d. 0-___-1798, Hanover Co,VA.



                      i      Anne Ragland Tinsley #776, b. 0-___-1743, Hanover Co,VA, d. 0-___-1817, Hanover Co,VA.


                             She married John Dabney Davis #1118, 6 Nov 1765, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 22 Jan 1743, Middlesex Co,VA, (son of William Davis #10771 and Elizabeth Shelton #10772) d. 0-___-1817, Hanover Co,VA.


                      ii     Nathaniel Tinsley #375, b. 0-___-1757, Hanover Co,VA, d. 20-May-1834, Hanover Co,VA.


                             He married Lucy Pate #376, 24-Jun-1790, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 0-___-1763, Halifax Co,VA, (daughter of Jeremiah Pate #3168 and Frances Ragland #3169) d. after 1839, Hanover Co,VA.


                      iii     Frances Tinsley #785, b. 0-___-175-, VA.

                      iv    William (Capt)  Tinsley #1524, b. 0-___-176-, Hanover Co,VA, d. 0-___-1805, Hanover Co,VA.  1816, Apr-Hanover Co. Superior Court, John Wingfield gdn. of Nancy, Peter, John B. & Mary A. Tinsley;

                             Capt., A Co, 2nd Batt. Hanover Grenadiers, 74th Va. Light Inf. 1789.

                             1786, 6Jul--Buys 300a on Mechamps Cr;  1789 tax list-Wm. Tinsley, son of Martha, 300a;

                             1815 landowners-Wm. Tinsley, estate, Mechumps Cr, 4W;

                             1817, 23Oct-division of estate among heirs:.


                             He married Frances Bowe #1525, 0-___-179-, in Hanover Co,VA, b. 0-___-1761, Hanover Co,VA, (daughter of Nathaniel Bowe Sr. #10735 and Mary Ragland #10736) d. before 1809, Hanover Co,VA.  Frances:.


16.   Cornelius Tinsley #1121, (4.Cornelius2, 1.Thomas1) b. 0-___-1710, Hanover Co,VA, d. c.1785, Hanover Co,VA.  vestry bk, St Pauls Parish: 1751-ref Richard D. & Cornelius Tinsley; 1755-ref Cornelius & Cornelius Jr Tinsley; 1759-ref Thomas & Cornelius Tinsley. 1763-tithe & 1738 Partridge Store Accts.



                      i      John Tinsley #6348, b. 0 ___ 1747, Middlesex Co,VA, d. 30 Nov 1839, Sumner Co,TN.  RW S1951, Hanover Co,VA to TN c.1802.;  1839 John Poe adm. of estate;.

                      ii     Cornelius Tinsley #769, b. 0-___-1749, Hanover Co,VA, d. after 1832, Sumner Co,TN.  1809,18Jun land sold in Sumner Co,TN to Cornelius Tinsley of Maury Co,;  TN 1811-16, tx lists Sumner Co,TN;  1820 census 000001--00201; 1828 Sumner Co, sold land.