Slave Data found in Tinsley Records

Amherst Co., VA
Will of John Tinsley
May 5, 1816
Slave Edmond to be sold
5 year old Betsy to go to grandaughter Sally Harrison
Lucy lent to son Oliver

Will of David Tinsley
April 7,1826
Slave boy Randal to grandson George
codicil May 19, 1828
Have given slaves to children David, Seluda Busby, Lucy Tinsley, Nancy Burford, Ruth Burford, Edward and Granddaughter Nancy Davidson (daughter of Peggy Hamm). Slaves names not given.

Will of Robert Tinsley
January 20, 1862
Slaves to be freed at wifes death. Relocated to Ohio (or other free state with families) or Liberia. Slave Nelson very cabable. Samuel Henry to attend to slave matter.

Barren Co., KY
Inventory of Isaac Tinsley (son of Edward from Amherst Co., VA)
January 2, 1815

Stephen $500.00
Will $500.00
Jacob $50.00
Jack (boy) $300.00
Hannah $50.00
Patty $300.00
Molly $300.00
Nancy $340.00
Cilva $300.00
Pompey (man) $50.00
Mary (girl) $250.00

Caroline Co., VA
Court judges Peter, slave of David Tinsley, to be 10 years old.

Hanover Co., VA
Will of BOWE, JOHN.  “Hanover 20th Augt. 1809. ...Virginia bank shares standing in my name on the books of the bank.  Four dividents I wish my lay out in the purchase, schooling, clothing & having Emancipated a mulatto girl named Mahala now the property of Col. Thomas Tinsley.  The two next I wish laid out in schooling and clothing a mulatto girl I purchased of Mrs. Bowler & emancipated her in Hanover Court the eighth, tenth & twelvth, the same as the first divident provided she is living at the time of their becoming due, the ninth, eleventh & thirteen to be equally divided between the two mulatto girls before mentioned.

Louisa Co., VA
Division of Property
William Tinsley
November 18, 1812
Wm McGehee guardian of William, son of William Tinsley deceased
Two slaves Sally and Winston

James Tinsley rec'd of William McGehee
two slaves Jack and Amy.

Muscogee Co., GA
Will of William Tinsley
codicil September 21, 1851
Slave Rachel allowed to live rest of natural life with Tinsley daughters.