From-Skorda-Early settlers of Maryland:

Seth Tinsley, immigrated 1656--Q-18,48

Thomas Tinsley, " 1664--7-79

Seth Tinsley<was in Rappahannock County by or before 1669 in which year he purchased from Valentile Allen the remainder of a patent which had been obtained by Allen in 1662. This deed was recorded June 26, 1669 in Old Rappahannock Records Deeds Etc. 1668-1672 p. 158. This Seth Tinsley<may have been dead by August 4, 1684 at which time Robert Redford succeeded him in the office of Constable. The lands of Seth Tinsley<seem to have fallen to Thomas Tinsley<> and to have been in that portion of Old Rappahannock County which became Essex.

Researched by George & Gordon Brown

1669, 10July--Old Rappahannock DB 1668-1672: Valentine Allen Rappahannock & Sittingbourne Parish to Seth Tinsley of same, boatwright, 178a., 4000 lbs of Tobacco. Lines: Part of tract sold to Allen by William Berkeley lying on the south side of the Rappahannock R.. Signed: Valentine Allen. Wit: George Andrew, Robert Payne

(note: this deed is recorded twice in the deed bk. the 2nd mentions Lines: Wm Hodgson, Wit: Warwick Cammocy, Edmond Dobson, and cites Mary wife of Valentine Allen.

1672, 2July--ORapp DB 1672-1676, part II: Enoch Daughty of Rapp gives 2 cows to children of Thomas Winder & John Crow, and others. Wit: Warwick Cammock & Seth Tinsley.

1675, 13April--ORapp DB 1672-1676, part II: Warwick Cammock to Amory Butler. Wit: Seth Tinsley & Robert Peacock.

1681, 1July--ORapp DB 1677-1682, part II: Wm. Stallard to Daniel Gaines, 63 a. Wit: John Catlett & Seth Tinsley.

1686, 6Oct--ORapp DB 1686-1688, Wm & Janes Coghill with consent of Mary, our mother, for father, dec'd to Timothy Davis, plantation on Cockle Shell Cr. Lines: land in tenure of Seth Tinslely, Wm Hobson, Mr Gaines. signed: Wm & James Coghill & Mary Duxbury. Wit: James Salisbury & Francis Browne Jr.

1702, 9Nov--Essex Co. RB 1701-03: Silvester Thatcher & Elizabeth, his wife, of Richman in Virginia to Robert Sawyer, merchant of Bristol, 180a., formerly the land of Seth Tinsley. Lines: Blackborne's Cr. signed Thomas Grindy, Jane Dainling, Silvester & Elizabeth Thatcher.

1702 Essex Co. RB 1701-1703: sames as 6 Oct 1686 OR deed.

1721, 20Mar--Essex Co. DB 17: John Walker of City of Bristol merchant has impowered Nicholas Smith to lease or demise the land of John Walker, 180a., formerly belonging to Seth Tinsley, lying in a fork in Blackbourne's Cr. Signed: John Walker. Wit: Mark Whitson & Thomas Church.